Watch Me Learn...
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Watch Me Learn...

Watch Me Learn...
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

To keep myself from burning out (both physically and mentally), I continually work on just enjoying the process.

It is the best alternative to modes I have adopted in the past (work work work then work some more, then give more) that no longer get the results I want as a loving husband, dad, and someone who has learned to also love myself.

I've been haunted for far too long about only sharing finished work, but I'm inspired by recently reading Austin Kleon's book, Show Your Work.  The one thing I'm implementing - a daily discharge of some sort.  Showing my process (as uncomfortably transparent as that is) in whatever small thing I can share.

Several consecutive nights of our 8-month old waking up at odd hours (edit: even now, RIGHT NOW at 11:41pm, there is inconsolable screaming - be right back) was also a stark reminder that my current season of life may mean an extended amount of time before I consider anything really finished.  That can be discouraging, but again... enjoying the process.  I've wasted too many cycles discharging the negative thought spiral, so now it's just going to show my work, one block at a time (currently using pomodoros in 23-minute chunks, of which I typically have 3 a day for non-employment things).

For at least one of those poms, I will be sharing my learning process for one of the following (and others)... some of which is work I plan to do myself, and others I plan to outsource (which still needs someone to direct the troops).  I'll record myself actively learning, finding tools and resources, and implementing as I go, post the videos up on YouTube and here and share any key points that I take away.

Learning (and actively implementing) list:

  • Complete my online presence - websites, social profiles, all linked together
  • Building a management coaching program
  • Building a youth entrepreneurship/leadership program
  • Building a community for multi-potentials
  • Building an app startup (what?!)
  • Building a writing habit
  • Building a research habit

This is going to be sooo easy ;)

- Rey