About Me

I'm a Dad of 3 wonderful young kids, husband to an amazing wife, and all around curious person.

I'm passionate about leadership and management.  This has led me to journey professionally from a software engineer to a healthcare I.T. analyst, management consultant, entrepreneur, and coach.

I think the common theme in my professional journey so far has been an interest in systems - how pieces fit together to create a whole and what happens when systems break or when they're dysfunctional and how to make them better.

What I'm Working On

  1. 🏥 I am a project/program manager in California working with a wonderful children's hospital.  I get to play a small role in helping lots of people care for kids and their families.
  2. 🔥 Man vs Work (or Man versus Work) is a website (currently a blog, soon too be a community, and maybe a podcast) for my "Everest" - I'd love to make a difference in the world by making workplaces work better.  I believe the workplace is the last educational institution that we are enrolled in, but we just don't realize it.  And in the workplace, we're both teacher and student.   The opportunity for world-changing growth is how this system of education can be better tuned to spread healthy values.
  3. My "live" projects are featured here.
  4. Sleep

Things I'm Learning

  1. 🐣 How to develop ideas and share my work (well... this site).  I've got great informal teachers, one of whom is Ali Abdaal and his recommended readings.
  2. There's a few more things that'll eventually go here...

Other Things

  1. 🧐 History (particularly fringe theories and unsolved mysteries) is fun to explore.  This part of me is still very much the curious 6 year old just loving that the world is full of mystery and possibility.  Did Atlantis really exist?  Will the Voynich Manuscript ever get translated?

Get in Touch

Figuring this out, but would love to meet like-minded folks on this journey!